Garden Gem Tomatoes Coming to Toronto

Residents of Toronto, good news: A local farmer is growing Garden Gem tomatoes along with another Harry Klee hybrid called the Garden Treasure (which I think is even better). It'll be appearing soon at a popular farmers market. Watch this space for updates.

Scientist Kevin Folta reviews "The Dorito Effect"

There are few scientists more sharply critical of bad science and faux science than the University of Florida's Kevin Folta, who has taken the Foodbabe and others to task for getting the science wrong. Of The Dorito Effect, Folta has only positive things to say. "The writing was clever," he writes, "the science was portrayed in a compelling manner, and the work was an outstanding treatment of an interesting, relevant topic in health and nutrition. I never get to read something I want to read, and The Dorito Effect was a great read."

Garden Gem Seeds Available

The revolutionary and delicious new tomatoes bred by Harry Klee can be grown in your own garden. A $10 donation to the University of Florida will win you a package of seeds, and the money supports Klee's quest for awesome tomatoes. Donate here